Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Q2 Finishes - A Summary

I've been having a great few months being a crafty soul - but that has meant I've got very slack at documenting what I do, especially blogging.  So I'm going to take a little short cut and summarise my Q2 Finish Along and link up with Adrianne at 'On the Windy Side'.  I know doing it this way will mean I'm not eligible for the prizes (that's fine by me) but it does mean I know unto myself that I have completed some goals.

So here goes my summary...
1.  My Double Wedding Ring Quilt in blues for our master bed - not finished, but I have the quilt top in one piece (yay!) and have all the necessary pieces procurred to continue and finish in the next quarter!

2.  Flats' Pluses - not touched!
3.  Hoo's in the Forest - also not touched!

4.  A jersey for myself - Yay!  Finished and has been enjoyed!
I used 8ply Skeinz Vintage in 'Carmine' and knitted a Customfit 'Ayana' by Amy Herzog.  I'm really pleased to have  jersey that fits me well.  The fit is not perfect (nor is the body under it) but I've learnt heaps and already have another one over half-way done.  I loved knitting with this wool and the colour is great, but it's been pilling like mad, so I can't help but be disappointed.

I tried to take a picture of myself in the jersey, but I'm struggling with the 'selfie' pic still, and having a blemish free mirror!  And it's mid-winter here so a jersey has to be warm rather than photogenic.

5. Curtains for our Entry Way - yay!  Finished these today and they look great!
I had been given a bag of brown curtain trimmings from a friend of my sister's and then mixed it with some matching red, and added a thermal lining, I've made them into warm, stylish curtains. 

I started making them before we had our entry way re-wallpapered, and sort of forgot about both having stripes!!  Oops!  As the room isn't big and the curtains are quite thick I'll probably taken them down between seasons too.
6.  Curtains for my Sewing Room - not done yet

7.  Ironing Caddy - Finished -yippee!
I used this pattern to make myself a caddy to carry my iron to patchwork group.

The fabric is from 'Button Tree Lane' by Anni Downs (Hatched and Patched).  I used proper thermaflec heat resistant fabric which I got through fishpond.co.nz, as well as insul-brite and two layers of cotton batting.  I quilted through all layers (except the therma-flec) using a stipple and then quilted all layers on the folding lines with my walking foot.

8. Ballet bags - done!
We have a young ballerina in our house and she needed a bag for her costume and another bag for her hair 'bits'. 

I used a fat quarter of this Kokka ballerina print and matched some yellow dottie with it for her costume bag.  This was easy!

But making a hair 'bits' bag was trickier.  I used a basic - open wide pouch  design - and mixed in some other bag techniques I had learnt to make the side pockets.  This linen-mix print for this is also from Kokka.
From the initial photo (below) I used both the left and centre fabrics.

9.  Applique Dove - done!!!  Yippee!!

Earlier in the year I went to my high school reunion and it has inspired me to have a go making a mini applique using the technique and base pattern from Sarah Fielke's 'Quilting From Little Things' book.

The finished result... except I used steam-a-seam and raw-edge applique.

(Excuse the poor Instagram photo!)

10.  Quilty Mugs - Also completed!!!
I made Lori Holt's cocoa cups from 'Quilty Fun' in assorted Pam Kitty Morning fabrics.  Love the finished effect!

11. Flowering Snowball - not even started....

So I completed six out of eleven.  Not too bad, but it will certainly give me plenty more to do over the next few months!  I'll be off now to link up to the Q2 Finish Along!


  1. You sure finished a lot of you list, good for you! I'm helping Adrianne with the FAL and I'm to also say that I am visiting as part of the FAL Cheerleading Team.

  2. That iron caddy is brilliant.
    Thank you for your super helpful comment on my blog. Facings on the inside, yes!
    xx Nicole
    (If we don't chat again, Merry Christmas)


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