Friday, 9 January 2015

To finish!

Although it's been ages since I've blogged I have been busy sewing and crafting.  Christmas and birthday gifts have kept me busy - as well as a garden that is needing a LOT of attention. 

So I thought I'd better share some of my current projects and while I'm at it link them up to a goal setting group.

Firstly here are my goals for the Q1 Finish-a-long at 'On the Windy Side'.  I haven't done this before, so I'm being cautiously optimistic about how much will be completed:

1.  My Double Wedding Ring Quilt in blues for our master bed.
I've made 100 of the arcs, but think I'll need 168.  I have foundation paper pieced them but am using the Creative Grids template to help with the cutting.  I still haven't made a decision about the background fabric but am tending towards 'pure' kona white (top centre) as our duvet is the same white (see in background).  I would have liked it to match the pillow (here) seen right at the top - but I don't really fancy working with that much linen.  There are four other alternatives across the bottom - as well as the Kona 'snow' at the top right.  What do you think?
My goal is to get the top pieced in Q1 - I'm not sure whether I'll quilt it myself, so will leave that to later in the year.
Across bottom: Kona tan; Bella linen; Quilter's Linen; Essex linen in flax

2.  Scrumptious Layer Cake quilt.
Just two seams on the top, then I need to sew the backing together (purchased) and then quilt and bind.  I think I'll do a floral FMQ design using a template I'm keen to try.
3.  Flats' Pluses
This one has been hanging around for far too long!  I need to piece the scraps into a design for the back, then quilt and bind.
4.  Hoo's in the Forest
This one is even older!  I have the main pieced, but need to add final borders, then piece the background, quilt and bind.  I'm being optimistic here.  I do love the colours and hope I'll have some scraps left.
I made my daughter's plywood tree to match this quilt, so better get this finished before she is too old for both.
5.  A jersey for myself
I'm using 8ply Skeinz Vintage in 'Carmine' (not available in that colour any more) and knitting a Customfit 'Ayana' by Amy Herzog.  I'm super excited about having a jersey that fits me well but just a bit nervous about how careful I was with the measuring. I just have some finishing, blocking, then neckline and seaming!  It's high summer here so this won't be a priority.
It's been very quick to knit and I'm keen to try another one for myself when this is finished.
6. An 'Elizabeth' cardigan for my girl.
I'm using up some moda vera cotton and knitting a Tikki pattern.  A fun knit - but VERY lacy so may take longer than I originally had thought.  At least I should have plenty of yarn as I have 5 balls and had only used one at the point I took this photo.

Then just to show you that I do finish things....

A 'Mini Spools' quilt by Camille Roskelley (Thimbleblossoms) using some 'Color Theory' fabric by Vanessa Christenson.
I quilted this quite intensively - it was the first time I have used pebbles - which definitely take time!  A great pattern - I can't wait to make some more of Camille's minis.  :-)

But here's a super-quick project...

I had this plate from my late nana's collection and it had a hole in the centre as the handle was missing - you know those plates that are used for high tea with a central handle to hold them by?  I used the hole (it was the perfect size) to put a clock mechanism through, and viola!  I had a new clock!  The mechanism has a hook on the back and a tight screw, so the clock can hang by itself, perfectly safely.

I'm linking this up to Adrienne's blog for the 'Finish-Along' and will also link up to Crazy Mom Quilts because I have actually finished something!

I'd better get back to the garden ...


  1. Lovely projects, I see what you mean about being torn with the background for your double wedding ring. Have you checked out the quilter's linen look fabrics, they are 100% cotton with a linen texture printed on them. I've used it for a few projects and just like the name says it has a linen "look" without actually dealing with linen. I wouldn't want to piece linen on a curve either!

  2. Well this post has answered my question in my email to you. Love the look of your DWR quilt, I like the white, but do you have to worry about hubbys's dirty clothes being dumped on the bed or cats jumping on it? You have a good list to keep you occupied for a while. Maybe knock your daughters quilt off it first.

  3. Wow you are one busy girl. I love all of this but think it is so clever what you did with the plate! Great job.

  4. I love what you did with the plate clock! Good luck with your goals!

  5. I like the Kona white but would also recommend trying 'quilter's linen' (, just in case you can find something that will work with that lovely cushion. Good luck with your list!


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