Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My Favourite Skirt for K

This is a favourite pattern I have drawn up myself and made successfully for K.  She wears it now at age 2 1/2 years.  It's super comfortable and easily adapted to different skirt fabrics or the addition of applique.  I have made it out of a generous fat quarter as well as out of mid weight denim, adding fabric flowers, raw edge appliqued on.  The waistband must be made out of a knit fabric with lycra, preferably cotton and lycra.  I have made a skirt for myself with a waistband out of straight lycra.  The width of the knit piece can be adapted to suit the child or the amount of fabric available.

To make:
1.  Cut out the pattern and join the two skirt pieces together before cutting out of fabric.  Two skirt pieces need to be cut out, with each on the fold line according to the '{' on the pattern.

2.  Match the sides of skirt (straight edges and sew at a 3/8" seam.  Edge the seam with an overlocker.

3.  Overlock the hem and fold up approx 1/2" and sew down with sewing machine.  The hem is the longer curve
4.  Sew short ends of the knit rectangle together to form a simple tube.

5.  Fold tube over to match unsewn edges.  Enclose seam within.  The unsewn edges can be tacked together.

6.  Mark out quarters on unsewn top of skirt and on tacked edges of knit fabric.  The seams can be used as some markers for this, with the two seams on the skirt to go at the side and the one seam on the knit to be used as the centre back.

7.  Pin at markers.  Sew these three layers (skirt and two of knit) together to form the whole skirt.  A small folded piece of ribbon or name tag can be added in at the centre back to make it easier for dressing.

8.  Overlock the above seam.
9.  Add any decoration to skirt, ie applique.
10.  Enjoy

Skirt can be altered for different sizes.  If you would like a pdf of this pattern, email me at: '' and I'll send it to you.  :-)
I have done my best to be accurate, but no responsibility is held for any errors in interpretation.
:-) T*

Currently I am trying to add the pattern as a pdf but can't seem to upload to blog!!  Any assistance would be appreciated!
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