Monday, 29 April 2013

Birthday Presents

As it was K's birthday last week I used it as an opportunity to finish off some projects for her bedroom.  Both of these had been started at least six months ago so I am really pleased to get them done - but most of all I (and K) are really thrilled with the results.  Poor H wasn't so happy as he had to drill holes from the tree into the wall to hold it up.  It is well over two metres high.
The tree has been made with thin plywood.  I modeled its colours and style from a quilt I have been making using Doohikey Designs' 'Hoos in the Forest' (Riley Blake).  I have stuck a fabric bird on it already and K and I plan to add crochet blossoms and other fabric creatures.

The owl clock below was made using plywood as well, with scraps of leather for the beak and feet.  I bought wooden numbers from Spotlight and painted them black.  The two lighter pink paints are leftovers from a dolls house I painted for K two years ago (the light green in the tree is as well).

I purchased the clock movements from '' and am thrilled with their support and service.  I had to trim up the length of the hands and was given advise to get 'sweeper movements' as they are silent (no ticking).  Initially I was a bit dumbfounded by the clock parts but they came together very easily.  I plan to make more clocks now!

The russian dolls below are not new, having been shifted from our previous house, but are in a new layout.  I made them initially because I was astounded at the cost of wall decals - as well as the colour they were.  The great thing about craft is you can make things exactly the way you want.  Again these use thin plywood, and the same range of pinks as other projects.

I must thank my wonderful father-in-law who is always able to assist me in the cutting out of my plywood shapes.  He's a superstar!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

4th Birthday Party

K turned four last week!  There was much excitement and some stress but her little party went well and she (mostly) had a good time.  It can be a bit much with all that anticipation.
The theme was 'fish' and I made her a yummy cake, decorated with jelly beans:
 We had fun with a homemade pinata - it took a lot of breaking!
We also played 'rob the net' - a version of 'rob the nest' with various bean bags to steal from the net of another group.  The children loved fishing for choc fish with the magnetic rods I had borrowed from the local Toy Library - a great resource for parties!

I didn't take photos of the other food we had - fish cakes, blue jelly with lolly fish, cupcakes decorated with rod and fish, lemonade (with a smidgen of blue food colouring), fish shaped biscuits in two styles.
Lots of fun!
Will post about the presents soon!

NZ Love

We have a wedding dance to go to - so instead of the routine gift of money or vouchers I made a cushion (pillow).  The main fabric is grey wool/poly Italian suiting.  I added a map of New Zealand using strips and then raw-edge appliqued it on.  I'm not sure how strong it will be - but am hoping it will be well received.

Hint:  I remembered that with a digital image (my map of NZ) I could mirror the image in Word and print it off like that - it saved me double tracing!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hand-knit Love

I was visiting family last week and revisiting some history by looking through photos at my Grandmother's home.  This photo really made me smile - it is of two of her brothers - and taken in the mid 1920's on a visit to Invercargill.

I love the innocent looks on the faces of my two great-uncles and I am awed by the knitting that (probably) my great grandmother did for them.  Both have hand-knit jerseys and we can presume both hand-knit socks.

My K wears hand-knit socks and jumpers and is quite proud that 'momma made these for me.'  I do meet the odd other child who wears hand-knit socks, mostly made by grandmothers.  What love!

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