Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Table Runner

Our Playcentre is fundraising with a Housie night and are on the hunt for prizes.  I volunteered to make something and this is what I produced:
 I'll make this picture bigger so you can see the fabrics and simple walking foot quilting.

It is basically the 'Tasty Table Runner' from Jaybird quilts.  I took out the borders because I wanted to keep the project relatively simple.  The fabric is a mixture - with the same backing as my Papillon quilt from two posts ago.
It took a while to cut out - I used my new Hex N More ruler - but quick to sew up - it just pays to have two strips going at the same time, or make two runners and have four strips!

Oh - an update on the hens - we're now getting four eggs a day!  Omelettes are back on the menu!

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  1. Nice runner. Lucky you having fresh eggs - aren't they a beautiful colour compared to supermarket ones.


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