Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sew Together

I haven't posted any projects on this blog for a while - caught between that balance of enjoying life and talking about it.  Our little family has been on holiday, and come back to the biggest change in K's life - she's started school.  I'll share some uniform pics soon, and maybe some travel outfits, but first here is a project I've been working on.

Yes... I joined the throngs... and made a 'Sew Together Bag' by Sew Demented.

The fabric is from Aneela Hoey's 'Sew Stitchy' range that I have used before (here and here) and given both items away - this one is for me!  I love the subtle link to stitch craft that the fabric range has - although I must admit to making this too pink for my general liking.


The outside of the bag is made in hexagons and triangles using Jaybird Quilt's 'Mini Hex N More' ruler.  I had heaps of fun piecing this - the ruler is fantastic and because of it's size is easy to use.  It is the same as the smallest size available on the larger 'Hex N More' but I really preferred it for cutting smaller pieces.  The layout is a smaller version of the 'Candy Dish' pattern by the same designer.

I am again going to a craft group I used to enjoy (before Playcentre and other pre-school jobs) and believe that this bag will be fantastic for holding all my sewing notions!

I know many have made this bag but here are my notes for 'next time':
  • Use a stiffer interfacing for the pockets - I think mine was just a lightweight one.  I've started using different types interfacing and need to do some research on them.
  • Check that the sides match up when you pin in the second side of the outside zipper.  There are many parts to match and I forgot one.
  • Maybe make the outside piece slightly shorter (ie making the rectangle slightly shorter).  Even 1/4" off the piece would have made it slightly firmer.
  • Remember to use the Quilt Barn's 'Sew Along' found here
I'm linking up with Amanda Jean at 'Crazy Mom Quilts' for 'Finish It Up Friday'.


  1. Nice "sew together" , I like your ' hexagons and triangles' exterior !

  2. Your Sew Together bag looks great. I think these have been a big learning curve for everyone. Glad you ad a great holiday, and hopefully K enjoyed her first week of school.


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