Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Q2 Projects - Better Get Busy!

Firstly here are my goals for the Q2 Finish-a-long at 'On the Windy Side'.  I have rather a long list but need the inspiration to get things done!

1.  My Double Wedding Ring Quilt in blues for our master bed.
My goal in Q1 was to get the top pieced and I am only two (rather large) seams away from this.  It's been a HUGE task, but I'm pleased with how it is coming.

As you can see I chose a blue background (Kona 'Cadet') and it really changed the whole layout.  I'm not 100% happy, but it's too late now so hopefully I'll love it when it's quilted and finished - my Q2 challenge!

2.  Flats' Pluses
This one has been hanging around for far too long.  I need to piece the scraps into a design for the back, then quilt and bind. - Still to complete from Q1!!!

3.  Hoo's in the Forest
This one is even older!  I have the main pieced, but need to add final borders, then piece the background, quilt and bind.  I'm being optimistic here.  I do love the colours and hope I'll have some scraps left.
I made my daughter's plywood tree to match this quilt, so better get this finished before she is too old for both.

4.  A jersey for myself
I'm using 8ply Skeinz Vintage in 'Carmine' and knitting a Customfit 'Ayana' by Amy Herzog.  I'm super excited about having a jersey that fits me well, but just a bit nervous about how careful I was with the measuring. I just have some finishing, more blocking, then neckline and seaming!
This has been sitting in the 'almost finished/partly blocked phase for a couple of weeks, so once I get my head around the last tricky bit, it should be my first Q2 finish!

5. Curtains for our Entry Way
These are very close to being finished.... I have to just to hem one, the other needs lined.  But as winter is very close they need done ASAP!!

6.  Curtains for my Sewing Room
I'm using a plain white fabric as a base, then will applique a variety of clothes on to it in the style of Kasja Wikman.  It will then be thermal backed and turned into a roman blind.
Needs done soon!

7.  Ironing Caddy
I'll use this pattern to make myself a caddy that can be unbuttoned to make an ironing board - just right to take to classes.

8. Ballet bags
We have a young ballerina in our house and she needs a bag for her costume and another bag for her hair 'bits'.  For the former I'll go with one like this and for the later I might try and adapt a 'Sew Together bag'.

9.  Applique Dove
Recently I went to my high school reunion and it has inspired me to have a go making a mini applique using the technique and base pattern from Sarah Fielke's 'Quilting From Little Things' book.

10.  Quilty Mugs
I'm looking forward to Lori Holt's new 'Farm Girl Vintage' but in the meantime I want to make these cocoa cups from 'Quilty Fun' in some assorted Pam Kitty Morning fabric.

11. Flowering Snowball
I love 'Mimosa' by Windham Fabrics and want to use it with some Kona 'Coal' to make a Flowering Snowball quilt.  I'm keen to try another type of curved piecing.

I'm linking this up to Adrienne's blog for the 'Finish-Along' - and just in the nick of time too!!

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