Tuesday, 10 June 2014

More Buttercups

A while ago I made a simple Buttercup bag from Rae Hoekstra's free pattern (here).  I've used it heaps and love most things about it.  Recently I needed to make two bags as gifts so took out the Buttercup pattern and added about 1 1/2" depth to it.

I added the depth to both the outer (lower) panel and the lining.  It worked out fantastically and was the only change I needed to make.

Both bags are made from Essex linen/cotton.  The grey bag is lined with a DSQuilts print while the tan bag has a Lecien print.

They were quick and easy bags to make and I was excited about giving them away until I was told that another gift had been organised.

Never mind .... I now have two lovely bags in my gift-giving stash... always a handy thing.  I'm sure they won't stay unused for long!

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  1. They are gorgeous, whoever get them will be delighted I'm sure!


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