Thursday, 12 January 2012

My New Shirt

DSC_1706 by forkandneedle
DSC_1706, a photo by forkandneedle on Flickr.

I had really admired the 'Tova' shirt/dress by Wiksten that had been blogged about a lot! But the cost and availability of the pattern has led to my own creativity being stretched. So I decided to draft my own pattern, make in calico, adapt, the make for real. I am thrilled with the outcome! The green fabric came from Global Fabrics at least a year ago and is very prone to creasing. I am pleased with the fit, though I did have to take out most of the gathers into the yoke, to suit my buxom self.
Yeah a new shirt!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Harvest Time

The vege garden is all abundant!
First tomatoes!  First onions and second lot of courgettes.  Also a handful of snow peas (mange tout), and coriander.  The strawberries were made in to jam (yum!) and the raspberries into hungry tums.  Everything (except the raspberries) has been grown by myself, mostly from seed.  Thanks to my fantastic in-laws for an abundant raspberry harvest!
The lovely old basket came from my Nana's.  Will be great for taking smoko (morning and afternoon teas) to the shearers.  Am thrilled that my mother found it for me.  Thanks mum!

Clever Santa

Santa was very generous to the young lady in our family this year.  He and Mrs Claus had been busy using their scissors and sewing machines to make some pretty cool presents for K.
The biggest one was this tent:

Santa had used the pattern from Meg McElwee's ' Growing Up Sew Liberated'.

Santa had added a couple of extra features, including the clear plastic in the peeking out window.  He also added an extra piece of velcro to close the door.  Clever, clever Santa.

Santa also used the backpack pattern from 'Oliver + S Little Things to Sew' by Liesl Gibson to make a Babushka backpack.  The doll on the back is applique and pink piping was used between the front, gusset, and top and bottom backs.  Actual strapping was used but it does slip!  A great pattern - fantastic instructions and easy to make, though the denim did make it rather thick to sew at many parts.
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