Sunday, 19 May 2013

Too Nice Not To Share!

This is another project I made a while back - more than six months ago.  But I love, love, love it and so does K.

I made it from four charm packs and some yardage.  I used 2 yards of the light colour dots for the sashing and another half yard of striped fabric for the binding.
The backing was more Cape Ann.

It was also my first attempt at an all-over free motion quilting pattern.  Not the most even - but I was really pleased with my first attempt.

Found Fairy

I went through some photos from last summer recently and found this one of K being a helper on the farm.  Excuse the delay in posting but I thought it was too good of a photo to ignore.  Where else would you see a fairy dress and gumboots!  We were shifting an auger and it was hot.
Poor K wanted to stay in her 'Oliver + S Fairy Tale Dress' that I made prior to Xmas from some 60 year old crepe my grandmother had given me.  I adapted the pattern only to lower the neckline and it meant I had no collar to worry about.  I made a muslin in the polycotton I used for the lining and as that fitted K fine I kept going.  The dress has a large bow at the back and three layers of tulle.

Woolly Cuddles

I've switched my sewing machines over to ball point needles so am busy churning out knit garments.  I've found that if I use four threads on my overlocker for most of my seaming I get a good result.  For topstitching I use my sewing machine with a twin ball-point needle - it gives a finish like a coverstitch machine when worked over the overlocked edge.

I made these PJs from a merino blend - K has problems taking them off in the morning - so they must be good.  The top is Oliver + S 'Field Trip' raglan tee.  Super easy to make - much easier than having a shoulder seam and fitted sleeves.  The pants are from 'Growing Up Sew Liberated' by Meg McElwee - they are the 'Sleeping Johns'.  I made both in size 5, so a bit big yet.

 Yes - she really does love her teddy bear - but he's not for sale!

To continue the woolly theme we both went out to help H the other day sorting sheep and I took my camera to snap a pick of K with her homespun jersey's original owner.  In case it is not obvious - the jersey came from the black sheep poking her head up behind K.

The jersey has been made from a heavily adapted Debbie Bliss pattern - I'm still new enough to spinning that I can't spin to a required wpi (wraps per inch) yet.  I have to swatch and work out stitch numbers from there.  This jersey was made a year ago - but you can see that I'm going to have to start thinking about the next size up.  Luckily I've got one and a bit black fleeces from this ewe in my possession.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Winter Wool

It's suddenly got colder and we now have the fire going regularly.  It's also time to get knitting fast.  I am currently working on Georgie Hallam's 'Annabel' for K in The Wool Company's 'Watermelon'.  It's certainly very colourful and I'm having to work from three different balls to avoid colour pooling.  It's got a couple of new techniques in it - so am enjoying the challenge.
Just thought I'd put in a note about this book - it's fantastic.  'Cast On: Bind Off' by Leslie Ann Bestor.
A little book so sits nicely in the knitting basket, but really useful.  Every time I use a new pattern with a different cast on or off technique then this becomes my bible.  Excuse the poor photo.
Now as the weather gets colder we've got out the winter wear.  Here's K in her farm gear.  The coat is an Oliver + S pattern (School Days Jacket) made from an old swanndri that belonged to K's great uncle.  For those of you that are not from NZ - a Swanndri ('swanny') is a pure wool coat/over shirt worn by bush men/farmers to protect them from the cold.  They're a national symbol!
This coat was made last winter and a bit of a hodge-podge - but is super warm - and quick.  I even re-used the existing hood by just trimming the front edge back.  Note:  the pink hat is NOT meant to be worn over-the-top!

I have also finished this vest.  It is 'Boheme' by Allegra Wermuth.  I haven't blocked it properly though.

Here are a few pairs of socks I have finished for K.  Most made by using up scraps.
More information about my knitting on Ravelry

I love wool!  There's nothing better.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I'm Published!

This is an exciting first - an item I submitted was published in the latest 'Fat Quarterly' e-zine.  Wow!

I decided to challenge myself by coming up with something original under the banner of 'modern traditional'.  One of the most traditional blocks I could think of was the 'schoolhouse' block.  I had always intended to make one so this was just the motivation to do so. What shall I try next?

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

For Sleeping...

I made K a new pair of jim-jams over the last day.  They are Oliver+S 'Sleep-over Pyjamas'.  Great pattern - again!
She loves them!  I made them size 5 but they're a bit too big - so its lucky she will grow and then we can let down the folded up leg and sleeve cuffs.
The trim is purchased broderie anglais.  I loved that stuff when I was a child - so this would have been right up my alley too.

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