Saturday, 5 July 2014

Knitting along

While reading Crazy Mom Quilt's post on her avocado socks I was reminded of two woollen items that I could share.  These had both been completed over a month ago, but I have neglected to complete my Ravelry pages or post about them here.

First up, a jersey for my daughter.

K is five now, and wears a uniform for school.  I am sad that she can no longer wear handknits daily and the motherly desire to keep your child warm and comfortable is certainly not solaced by polyester.  Luckily this 'Olinda' by Georgie Hallam (Tikki) has been a popular garment at weekends.

The beauty of 'Olinda' is in the lace pattern  being completely reversible.  This is a great feature for children's clothing - for many reasons!  The only tricky part is sewing on two buttons for each button hole, and I am really happy with the buttons I found at my local drapery.

The pants K is wearing are my favourite Oliver + S 'After School Pants' in a light weight denim.  A great sew!  I have made these pants before (here and here) and I have also been counting our O+S garments - this is number 86!

This jersey can be also seen at my Ravelry page here.

I also (finally) made a Queen Anne's Lace crochet scarf, using some multi-coloured wool.


I made this using the tutorial I found on Mrs Micawber's blog, where the starting scallop was improved upon.  Great tutorial - thank you for the pictures and awesome instructions - I highly recommend them!

My scarf, and information on the yarn used, can be seen on my Ravelry page here.

See you at Finish it up Friday!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Must finish something...

I've been busy with my WIPs.

Firstly some progress has been made with my 'Honeysweet Swirls'.  It took two weeks of waiting for the contrast brown, Kona 'Cappucino', to arrive, but the wait was worth it!

I still have to play with the layout - then it is sew together time.  My 'Jaybird Quilts' rulers have been great for this project, having used both the Hex'n'more and the Sidekick.  I plan to put a border of the brown around, followed by a binding of either red or using the scrappy pieces I have left over.

I have also worked on the crosses quilt I started a year ago and and now just need to add the borders.  The fabric is 'Flats' by Angela Yosten. and the pattern is from Camille Roskelley's first book 'Simplify'.  Love the colour mix!!

I think I'll quilt this in straight lines, to keep it simple.  What do you think?

I'm also making 'All in the Family' from the same book.  The fabric is 'Florence' by Denise Schmidt and although the individual fabrics don't 'wow' me, I LOVE how they work together, especially with the white.

This is quite a small quilt - and because of the way the colours work as they are - I'm not going to put a border on it.  I will bind it with a red, but I'm still deciding what to do with the blue and orange circles that touch in the middle... would you unpick and move one??  An overall quilting design has still not been decided upon either - maybe swirls??

Lots achieved... but lots more to do. I'm loving how I have a 'Patchwork Plus' group to meet up with on Mondays.  It's so motivating!

I am linking up with Lee/Lindsey at 'Freshly Pieced' for 'WIP Wednesday'.  Then I'm off to see what others have been working on!
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