Sunday, 5 January 2014

2013 in Review: 2014 Preview

I've had a busy 2013 - and plan to keep going in 2014.

I know I'm a bit late but I finally learnt how to use Mosaic Maker so have been playing with my Flickr account and mosaics. 

Here are two that I have made - the first highlighting some of the Oliver + S outfits I have made K this year...

1. DSC_0169, 2. DSC_0514, 3. DSC_0513, 4. DSC_0376, 5. DSC_0039pm, 6. DSC_1322, 7. DSC_1321, 8. DSC_1320, 9. DSC_1318, 10. DSC_1317, 11. DSC_1314, 12. DSC_1219, 13. DSC_1119, 14. DSC_0937, 15. DSC_1100, 16. DSC_1068, 17. DSC_1094, 18. DSC_0423, 19. DSC_0316, 20. DSC_0302

And the second mosaic has sewn, patched and quilted items I've made for our family or as gifts...

1. DSC_1212, 2. DSC_1433, 3. DSC_1377, 4. DSC_1332, 5. DSC_1310, 6. DSC_1308, 7. DSC_0248, 8. DSC_1215, 9. DSC_1109, 10. DSC_0962, 11. DSC_0897, 12. DSC_0952, 13. DSC_0464, 14. DSC_0505, 15. DSC_0916, 16. DSC_0556, 17. DSC_0824, 18. DSC_0716, 19. DSC_0687, 20. DSC_0558

I've made many other crafty things - whether knitted, sewn, crocheted or hammered and I have not the time to list them all here - especially as I have so many plans for the next year.  So what am I thinking of?  I recently made a list so will publish it here and hopefully I will get a good number done...

  1. K is to start school this year - so will continue to prepare her for this, as well as use my child free time productively - maybe even helping more on the farm?
  2. Continue to sew almost all of K's clothes and increase the number I make for myself.  I have some Colette, Lisette and Ottobre patterns I'm working on, as well as a couple of Craftsy classes I would like to apply.
  3. Follow a sew-along.  Possibly the 'Pillow Pop' one on Threadbias??
  4. Make more things from 'Little Things to Sew' by Liesl Gibson - and post on the Flickr group.
  5. Have a stall somewhere and make some money from my crafting.
  6. Knit myself a well fitted jersey - probably using Amy Herzog's 'CustomFit' designer.
  7. Finish some projects for the house, namely the striped curtains and dining room chair covers that stare at me every day.
  8. Make myself a going-to-town purse.  I have plenty of totes but need something smaller and more stylish.
  9. Spend more time in the flower garden!

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  1. You have had a productive year - looks like you will be kept busy this year too.


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