Thursday, 18 July 2013

Roller Skate Flip

I have had in my mind a plan for a new dress for K for a while now and all I needed was some encouragement to make it.  This came when I read about the 'Flip this pattern sew-along' with FrancesSuzanne.

Flip This Pattern

The challenge was do 'flip' an Oliver + S Roller Skate dress - and this was exactly what I was planning to do anyway!  I had already made a version in March and it was very popular, so out came the pattern a second time.

Now... the story behind this all...
My mother is a great sewer.  When my sisters and I were young she made all of our clothes for us.  One of the resources she used for patterns was the german 'Burda' magazines for children.  Now I have no idea if they still do magazines for children, but they were like what 'Ottobre' is now.  (I know they do single patterns and magazines for women, and have a very popular website - I presume it is all the same people?)

We had some beautiful clothes made from these patterns and one outfit that always stood out was this:

Mum had made it for my youngest sister who loved it, wore it and now has it for her daughters.  I don't have a picture of it on a niece but here is the actual overalls that my mother made:

So I decided I could make a dress version for K using the roller skate pattern.

It worked out really well and I am thrilled with how well it went together and how popular it is with K.

And... I think I did a fantastic job of sewing it... I can't really fault my own work ... that is really saying something.  All the seams match, the lining lines up and there are no fudged bits.  It is a brilliant pattern though.

The first change to the actual pattern was to only use the lining for the bodice - so it finished on the bottom side of the elastic casing. (The lining is a DSQuilts fabric from Spotlight that has been used before.) This worked well as the main fabric, a denim, was a good weight already - it is not too stiff so can 'float' but yet has enough body to take the embroidery without adding extra backing.  And denim wears well too.
All I did to change the actual pattern was to cut the denim at the hemline rather than full length.  I added the hem onto the green and attached the inside of it to the actual dress, before turning it the right way out and cutting to create the 'grass'.
The embroidery was added last - and took the longest time - but was really worth it.  K is especially thrilled with the kite on the back .  I love the flower stalks.

And just to top it all off - we even found a bumble bee in our midwinter (looking very desolate and drab) garden during our photo session this morning.
Finally... I have read that the same pattern is being used for Round Two of 'The Super Online Sewing Match' hosted by SewMamaSew.  Maybe I can use it again?


  1. Oh it's so adorable,love the buttons for flowers!!

  2. I love your embroidery. Really pretty
    And it's so sweet to sew something as our mom've ever done.

  3. Oh, all those special details!! And, yes....I can only imagine how long the embroidery took. What a special story of how this garment came to be. And, now I must go check out the Super Online Sewing Match!

  4. You did a wonderful job with all the applique and embroidery for this dress. Your daughter will always remember this one!

  5. What a beautiful job you did on this dress. I love all the detail that went into it. Fantastic!


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