Thursday, 1 August 2013

A little bit of magic...

Plastic is a pretty amazing thing...  we use it for so many things.  Plastic things are everywhere in our lives, and if you have children, plastic is used to make many toys.

Unfortunately K has a clumsy mother who has been known to stand on toys without meaning to.  Snap!  And that was the end of that... the plastic crown... the plastic wand... all of those things our princess K cannot do without.

So what does a crafting mother do?  She crochets them of course.  In the stash I had some golden coloured synthetic yarn from Spotlight and with a search I found this pattern for a crown on Ravelry.  I changed the pattern significantly and was surprised with how easily it worked.  It is slightly stretchy so it stays on K's head really well.

The wand was made from a simple crocheted star using the same yarn.  I painted some 8mm doweling with gold paint then drilled two small holes near the top that lined up with the start and finish yarn tails so I could tie it together.  Voila!  A very happy girl.

Spring is getting closer - here are the first snowbells poking through the ground.

Cute pic of K with an orphaned lamb:
The skirt she is wearing is a simplified kilt-style made from an old woollen skirt of my grandmother's.  The lamb was briefly at the house but still managed to be named: 'Screwdriver' because he was a boy.  I think a 'she' would have been called 'Raspberry'.

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