Tuesday, 20 August 2013

George and Daniel

We finally have some pet lambs - say hello to George and Daniel.
Daniel is on the left, George on the right

We have a pet lamb box - any spare lambs without mums get to live there until we find them a new mum - a bit like a temporary foster home.  Sometimes we manage to adopt these lambs as pets when H can't find them a better mum.  Last year we have Ritchie and Parsnip and the year before Ritchie (V1).  Yes, Ritchie (McCaw) is a bit of a hero around here.  Ritchie (V2) is my avatar(?) pic.

Lambs are great pets - they are very dependent on us for a while, then grow up to be independent - or in many cases - take a trip away on a big truck.  They are super cuddly in the meantime and are very cute!  They're a good size for a four year old and well - they're just plain great for a farm kid.  Excuses to my mum - she often ends up with at least ten 'pets' - that's not fun!
Daniel with the orange marks - he was one of a set of twins and H marks them the same so we can keep them together

The plan this year was to have a little girl (ewe) lamb - but our wee Raspberry didn't last long - its been a bit emotional for mum and K.  Finally we have two that H has let us name and they are doing really well.  K has named them after a preschool friend (Daniel) and a favourite character (George, from Peppa Pig).  They also have a new home in the corner of my garden.  :-)

Also - good news - my sewing machine was easy to fix!  Yeah!


  1. How lovely having lambs - must be hard to part with them when they are older though. Good news on your sewing machine too.

  2. George and Daniel are very cute !


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