Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ishbel in the garden

I had started an 'Ishbel' shawl in early July and had really enjoyed knitting it - so finished it very fast.  But I have never been someone who has blocked items properly, and as lace knitting really benefits from blocking, I had left it sitting aside while I pondered what to do.  Finally I got out a large piece of corflute that was once a real estate sign and pinned my work to it, misted it with water and left it to dry.  Wow!  It really makes the lace stand out and I am so pleased I put that extra bit of work in.

Today I took my work out into the garden and had fun photographing it against an early rhododendron 'Cornubia' which is almost the same shade of red.

 I have two of these rhododendrons and they are stunning!  They are blooming earlier than usual as we are having a mild late winter... lets hope the frosts hold off!

The yarn I used is Alpaca 4 ply and it knitted up beautifully.
Can you see the bumble bee at its work?
It was such a lovely day I took some more photos of the garden I have taken over from my mother-in-law.  Another early rhododendron 'Christmas Cheer'.

An unnamed camellia:

Some new growth on raspberry bushes:

My garlic growing like lightening:

The celery I have in my glasshouse - so lush and will be ready to pick when I have finished the purchased bunch in my fridge.  Yeah!  It is growing really well and I will try it again in the glasshouse next winter.
Now I just need the motivation and energy to weed and fertilise.  I am very lucky to have such a lovely flower garden (it is about 1 acre in size) but I do tend to prefer vegetable gardening (or knitting).  Hopefully nicer weather will be the push I need!

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  1. What a fabulous colour - lovely job. Rhodos don' grow for me to well in Auckland - I get to much thrip, and don't like spraying things. Funny how we have to grow our celery - mine grows outside in all conditions - those few degrees difference between Nth and Sth have a big effect.


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