Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Lots of Oliver + S

As you will have noticed I love using Oliver + S children's clothing patterns when I sew for K.  Recently I have been thinking about the number of these that I have used so decided to do a count up, and there was that many, so in order not to bore you with lengthy posts I have done twenty items at a time.  This may sound cumbersome but I think most of them are great items - well worth sharing!

Please note that I sew 'farm clothes' for K as well as those for special occasions etc, so many of these items are well worn and loved - hence no photo.  And I have been using these patterns for over eighteen months so some show a much younger K!

In case you need the link:
  1. Puppet Show top - two pinks
  2. Puppet Show shorts - chambray (above)
  3. Jump Rope - in blue check, pictured here
  4. Sand-box pants in chambray size 3
  5. Sand-box pants in chambray with fancy blue pockets in size 4 - I did fancy pockets for this , they were like the puppet show pockets at the back and fancier at the front.

  6. Little Things to Sew(LTTS) Backpack with babushka - pictured here
  7. LTTS hat for K in chambray and pink (top pic)
  8. LTTS hood as part of kiwi costume - that's a toy Hairy Maclary she's holding.  :-)
  9. Sand-box pants in brown with orange trim- my H thought these were from a shop!
  10. Hopscotch top - blue
  11. School Days coat in re-used farm coat, seen here
  12. Tea party sundress in blue and green - below
  13. LTTS hat in matching blue and green (and above)
  14. LTTS cape in red and orange
  15. Ice-cream dress in cream, red and orange- same fabric as inside of cape - this dress has been very well worn over two summers and the winter in between.  It has cream piping between the sections and the edge of the pockets - fiddly but well worth it.
  16. Tea party sundress for niece in chambray with red trim
  17. Sailboat pants in chambray with pink trim
  18. Sunday Brunch coat in dusky pink cord (not completely finished!)
  19. Bedtime Story pjs in pink fabric with kokeshi on them - these are a huge favourite!
  20. 2+2 blouse in white with red spots
  21.  To be continued in a further post! 
It takes time to trawl through old photos to find these so will keep working on the next installment. 

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