Friday, 2 August 2013

Housekeeping + O+S #61

I've made a few changes on my blog - hopefully to keep it more up-to-date.

I took away the 'Google friends' link - I'm sorry, but I never really understood it.

I added 'follow me with Bloglovin' and 'follow me with Feedly' buttons.  These are on the right side of this blog.

I use Feedly and really enjoy it.  I have it synced with my smartphone and can update myself on my favourite blogs at any time.

I also added a 'follow me on Pinterest' button.  I have been using Pinterest for a while for many forms of inspiration, even before we had broadband!  Its great place for crafters and you can follow this button to view my favourites.  I hope you like them.  :-)

Recently I counted up the number of items I've made using Oliver + S patterns.  I got to 60 !!!!!  I plan to blog about some of these soon - well a sort-of catch up session on things I made back when we only had a dial-up internet connection.

To keep up the momentum this is number 61, a pair of 'After School trousers' in green cotton duck (or something similar).
I got the fabric from a partial closing down sale at a local clothing business - it's heavy but should wear really well.  I went for size 5, so they're a bit long.  Plenty of room to grow.  The fabric was $4 per metre and I used less than a metre ... $2.50 trousers??
Excuse the marks - these are great for playing in.  I wonder if I should try to draft some up for me??

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