Sunday, 25 August 2013

A sacrifice for the betterment of my sewing...

I love my Kona cotton colour card.  It incorporates colour and texture ... and the promise of a new quilted project!

I decided to buy a colour card was a worthwhile investment as I've only seen limited Kona (or similar quality cotton fabric) colour ranges locally and they were NZ$22 per metre!  I've found places I can order them from in the US for approx US$5.50 per yard (the exchange rate is NZ$1 to approx US$0.79).  Postage isn't cheap but it is worth it if you can get the colour right.  So that is why I got a colour card.  But it was fiddly to work with so when I found this I thought I could do the same.  So out came a large sheet of cardboard and a heap of velcro.



It is so much easier to work with now... and I can pick out a range of colours that I would have had trouble identifying earlier.  See the range at the top right - they go with Bonnie and Camille's 'Happy-Go-Lucky'.

I do recommend writing the number of every colour underneath the velcro on the cardboard so that if a card falls off you can put it back on the right place.  I also scanned a copy of it before I cut it up - so have that to check the order if need be.  Mine also folds up so I can store it easier.  Probably good advice too to say - keep away from preschoolers - or at least watch them with eagle eyes while they look at the colours.

Another link - I found this when trying to match Aurifil thread to Kona cotton.  How handy - someone has done the work for me and it is so much easier when ordering online.


  1. What a good idea. I cringe at the fabric prices in NZ, and do buy from USA occasionally. Usually a good sized order to make it worthwhile. Perhaps we should order together sometimes to make it more economical?

    1. Yes - a possibility. Do you know about websites like and They let readers know about specials and I usually only buy when I can get 20% off as that usually cancels out part of the shipping charge. There's a coupon off until the end of Sept. :-)

  2. Great idea and thanks for the link for kona-aurifil it's very useful !

    1. Yes - I was super pleased to find that - it is so amazing what is available on the internet. Thanks for your lovely comments. :-)


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