Thursday, 8 August 2013


Just a quick peek at a project I've been working on:

I'm really enjoying the free-motion quilting on this.  I've discovered Aurifil thread and it works beautifully on my machine.  It is also so fine that you can get a lot on the bobbin too.

I also read Leah Day's blog '' and have been taken by her many words of advice.  She recommends three tools for free motion quilting:

I was taken by her advice and ordered these (with very reasonable, but longer,  international shipping) and have been very impressed myself.  They make the task so much easier!  Leah sells them in a three-pack so you can get even more value.


  1. The link for Leah Day's blog is

  2. Thanks for that - I have fixed it. Oops - I'm normally so careful so big apologies for getting it wrong. :-)


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