Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Another Mini Quilt

I finished this the other day - it had been sitting almost finished for a while - and am very glad I did.  It started as a 'scrappy trip' quilt but I changed it to keep it as a mini.  I love the 1930's reproduction fabrics and would really like to make a whole quilt in them on day.  A dresden plate cushion with these fabrics would be lovely too.  I'm not short on plans!
The quilting was very simple - I used a walking foot.

And yes... I had to have a helper.  My excuse is that I can give you a sense of proportion.
I'm really pleased with the binding colour too - its my kind of blue and it really reinforces the colours in the quilt.  Isn't it hard selecting fabrics sometimes??  I spend a lot of time thinking and planning and am always nervous about how it will turn out.

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  1. This has come up really well. I want to make a "dresden something" one day too - suspect I will keep it small and do a mini quilt though.


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