Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Shelf for Thread

After my success making a set of shelves for my fabrics a couple of months ago I decided to have another go earlier this week.  This time I purchased some pine lengths (mostly 10 x 80mm) and cut them up to make myself a snazzy little shelf to store my larger reels of thread.

Dressed pine was so much easier to work with than the fibreboard I had used previously - I found that the screws just went in without grief and the whole project had less gaps!  I can't wait to have another go at this, but first I have some bed heads I made many years ago that need sanding and staining - a big job.

The top row of my shelf has my collection of wooden cotton reels.  Below that I have perle cotton, overlock thread and at the bottom right my aurifil thread.

Excuse the wallpaper - my sewing room used to be the room my husband had when he lived at home.  We have plans to change the colour scheme.

I have been busy and have a new, finished quilt to share.  Hopefully tomorrow.  :-)

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  1. You are clever - I leave the building to my husband.


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