Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My Girl

Here's some pictures to show you just how adorable my wee girl can be when she wants to...
The bear is Scotty

Many friends have recently purchased iPads for their children to use - we didn't do that for K (though I'd love one anyway - more for myself!) - instead she got a slavonic abacus for her last birthday.  It is similar to the ones I used when teaching.  NB: if you go to the link be aware I paid less than NZ$30 for mine last year - same brand too.

So far it has helped her count to 100 and count in groups of ten.  I really would recommend one for any 4 to 8 year old.  But I never thought you could use it for much else than numbers until I came inside to see...
I presume you can spot the rabbit ok - it was hard to photograph.  Apparently H had been teaching K how to 'reverse shape' letters and she just took it a step further on her own.

Just to show you that children don't always need the latest technology to be creative.

The purple jersey is a long sleeved version of 'Cardigan Rose' that I knitted last year in some more 'The Wool Company' 8ply. I should add it to my ravelry details in retrospect.  :-)

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