Monday, 22 July 2013

New Hens

We have some new hens and I'm having so much fun ... just watching them!

They came about because our previous beauties had been attacked at night (inside their house) by a neighbour's dog.  All that was left was a paddock of feathers.  We were all very sad... but not for the dog as he's been banished.

So it presented us with the chance to try some new breeds.  This time we sourced five beauties.  From left to right in the above photo they are: a black Orpington, a black Langshan, two New Hampshire Reds, and one buff Cochin.

We basically bought what we could - but are very pleased with them - they should all be reasonable to good layers and not highly strung.  We're also hoping some go broody so we can get some fertilised eggs and maybe some chicks!

The two New Hampshires are laying - we've had two eggs already - but the others are still pullets.  Hopefully by spring we'll have lots of eggs.
You can see the feathered feet on both the Langshan and the Cochin (left and centre).  This photo is inside their new house.
The Orpington and a New Hampshire
We've had great weather so I've been in the garden.  With a lot of help from a team my flower garden is looking good minus about five truck loads of garden trimmings.  My garlic are up - well at least 60 of them - as are my lettuce, first tomatoes, onions and some peppers.  Maybe spring is getting closer??

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