Thursday, 4 July 2013

More Knitting

I have been knitting in 'stops and starts' recently and suffering by not really completing much.  But the other day I set to it and finally finished the 'Annabel' I started here for K.
 K loves it - the hood and pockets are especially popular.  I had never knitted pockets before and was so impressed that I'll definitely do them again.  In fact there were lots of features I loved:
  • the pockets
  • the flower/butterfly motif
  • the hood - closed with kitchener stitch (like sock toes)
  • the gentle gather from the high waist
  • the knitted band
  • the 'tail' at the top of the hood
  • the fact that it is knitted all in one and the only sewing up is the pocket lining edges
I did adapt the pattern to knit the cuffs in rib rather than the flower pattern - and I am glad I did as I finished very close to the wind with only a couple of metres of yarn left!
Cheeky grin!
Yes - the wool is a bit 'overwhelming' with all the colour - but I am pleased with it.  I did mix balls so to avoid as much colour pooling as possible.  The yarn is 'Watermelon' by The Wool Company near Taihape in New Zealand.  K loves the green running through it, but has told me she's not impressed with the brown!
More information on my ravelry page.

I have started another project:

I'm really not sure about the wool - whether it is 4ply or 2ply.  So I'm knitting it as 4ply hoping that I'll have plenty for an Ishbel.
Yes - I should be knitting it on circulars, but have decided to work with straights until I really need to change.

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