Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Thinking of Spring

Although the weather is decidedly bad we are starting to think of spring...  We had our first lambs two days ago and a few spring bulbs are starting to peek out.

So it's tomato and pepper planting time - well the seeds anyway.  I am always late with the peppers (capsicum) but hope that I am doing better this year.  They need such a long time to germinate and get growing that they need planting now!
 I planted:
  • 'Juliet' tomatoes
  • Sweet 100 tomatoes
  • Cornos Red peppers
  • Topepo Rosso peppers
  • Mini Stuffer peppers
  • Habanero peppers
  • Thai hot peppers
  • plain and orange peppers
  • Merveille des Quatre Saisons lettuce
  • Pukekohe long keeper onions
All available from either Kings Seeds or Egmont Seeds.  I forgot to plant Moneymaker tomatoes so will do so as soon as some space is available on the heating pad I use for seed germination.

This is my glasshouse - yes the walls need washing.  But I am picking lettuce leaves and will be due heaps of celery in a month or two's time.  I am wondering how the celery will go as you are meant to grow them quickly  to be succulent but they do look relatively healthy and are being given plenty of nutrients in the form of compost and fertiliser.

 The best thing in my glasshouse is my maximum minimum thermometer which hangs under the milk bottle on the right side, at back.  It is great for monitoring it all.

To give some winter cheer here is a polyanthus by my doorstep.  Ignore the shadows - at least it was sunny on Saturday!
I have also noticed a tiny pointed top of garlic poking through too! 

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