Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Another project I have been meaning to do for so long....  make some more clocks.  After having great success with my first clock making attempt I decided I could do another or two.

The first clock was made using a 25cm wide embroidery hoop and essex cotton/linen.  The clock parts came from clockworks and were simple to put together - but just complicated enough to involve thinking!  The clock itself was trickier than I originally thought and needed some fiddling to get it sitting right, as the clock mechanism itself is deeper than the frame of the clock.

K is fascinated by the clocks and is starting to tell the time (especially when Sesame St is on).  She has worked out which button is which number and is starting to pick out some times she knows.
 And because I was on a roll I tried another design, this time using a painting canvas as a base.  I had also been keen to try a dresden plate pattern and was able to adapt the conventional 18 degree design to be 30 degrees so there were 12 segments instead of the regular 20.
I used a variety of kona cotton that I plan to make cushions from, so this clock is destined for our bedroom.  I used a 'sweep' clock mechanism so you don't hear the ticking.  Thanks to Clockworks for recommending these.

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  1. These hoop clocks are on my "OneDay list" too. They look good.


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