Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Garden Growth

The weathers been anything between cool to hot so I've been working on some small projects inside and trying to tidy up my garden outside.  Although both places have a never ending list of jobs to do...

So for a quick garden update here are some pics of my paddock garden...

This is my tomato set-up.  I do grow a number of other tomato plants in my glasshouse as well as up stakes - but these are my determinate (or bush) varieties that I let spread out.  I have 'Roma', 'Scoresby Dwarf', 'Principe Borghese', 'Silvery Fir Tree', 'Oregon Spring' and 'Campbells' (most from Bristols).  The last two I haven't grown before - and I get a bit over-excited when ordering from seed companies.  I haven't had many tomatoes yet as summer has been very stop-start and I think I applied nitrogen rich fertiliser rather than a fruit-forming mix.  Oops!

The fibreglass stakes are held into the ground by small wooden posts and a wooden block with holes in it acts as a join at the top.  The net then goes over easily.

 This is my corn patch - we love corn.  I've grown plenty as we never seem to have enough and the chickens will guzzle extras.  The beet at the front is for the chickens as well, it is very holey!

I've grown a patch of sunflowers to bring back my memories of travelling in Provence - and because K loves them.  They are from a mixture of seeds, planted in two sessions, hence the smaller ones at the front.
My garlic has been a bit disappointing - this picture is of K's hand holding it close to the camera.  I looked after them so well so will go back to the drawing board for my next attempt.  Lucky I planted about 150 cloves!

A yummy pumpkin growing.  I always plant 'Crown Hybrid' and get great tasting fruit.  I've tried some 'Confection F1' this year (from Kings) but they don't look as good.  We'll see what they taste like.
And our chicken tally is growing!  Red Hampshire One hatched out her second brood last Friday and she improved on the one (Little Blue the Cochin) to produce eleven chicks.  They are a Red Hampshire/White Rock mix as the breeder had let his roosters out, but all look very cute.  She's a great mum and we spend lots of time just watching them all.  We've had a shuffle around with coops, brought in the lamb shed as a temporary one and have quite the young mums' group going on.

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  1. I love your sunflowers. My corn has been disappointing - not fully formed and rather tough - maybe I haven't watered it enough, though that's hard when you get charged for water. Even my tomatoes haven't been as prolific this year. Oh well - the joys of growing your own:)


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