Thursday, 27 February 2014

Vintage Yellow

Warning... picture heavy post...

Recently my Grandmother found a dress my mum had worn in the 1950s.  It is a gorgeous yellow with smocking.  It has a label to show that it was purchased but the workmanship looks so much more personal than we have now.

The dress itself was originally worn with a petticoat but we don't have that part anymore, so I needed to make a new one.

I purchased some very fine cotton from Spotlight and adapted the Oliver + S 'Music Box Jumper' pattern.  The hem is extra wide so that I can take it down when the outer dress fits no more and K can enjoy it as a nightgown.  The back of the skirt is seamed up to about 3" below the waistband, similar to the O+S 'Bubble Dress'.

I'm counting this as O+S number 76!
It also counts towards a very happy girl!


  1. K looks great in that dress! And the Oliver + S dress works really well as a petticoat. I imagine your family are thrilled to see this little ensemble being worn again

  2. Thanks J Wo! K is really loving the idea of a petticoat but was telling a friend yesterday that she wears it over other things... the 'coat' part. :-)

  3. Wow that is so special. The dress looks beautiful!

  4. I love this!! Yellow is my favorite! Your daughter looks beautiful in it!


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