Saturday, 15 February 2014


Last night I finished my first knitting project for winter 2014.

It all started with the yarn - a gorgeous 4ply 100% merino dyed by Doe Arnot and purchased last spring at the Oamaru Textile Emporium.  I didn't spy the yarn on my first browse through the shop and it wasn't until I had a better look that I found it.

I love the green and how it contrasts with various shades of grey. 

I chose the pattern 'Quoits' by Vintage Purls.  It was great fun to knit and I would love to make another one sometimes.  My cowl did end up longer than I had hoped so next time I would cast on a lot less stitches and plan to knit more repeats of the pattern.  It is not as snug around the neck as I would prefer.

Not quite the coldest weather for modelling a woolly cowl - but at least I'll be prepared for winter!  My next plan is to knit a swatch to make myself a cardigan - the first time in several years that I have attempted such a large project for myself.

Details of 'Quoits' on my Ravelry project page.


  1. That yarn is beautiful! It turned out really pretty. The weather looks wonderful there. We have lots of snow and really cold!

  2. What beautiful coloured yarn. I am thinking I may have to get some soon for a little on the go winter project. I have seen a fabulous green merino - just need the right project now.

  3. It is beautiful yarn. I bought yarn from Doe last year (after you 'growled' at me for not buying locally!) and it is lovely to work with.
    I guess we can't complain that we finally had a few lovely days of weather and you don't need a cowl just yet...


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