Sunday, 23 February 2014

More Practical Things

I am a practical person.  I am also a crafter who loves to create interesting, decorative and unique items - but I like to make practical things.

So I'm going to share two recent projects that are very practical - and will be well used.

Firstly - my new swimsuit.  I am no Sports Illustrated Model (though my H has found this amusing) so no 'live action' pics here...

I had used the same pattern about ten years ago to make my previous suit and they'd worked well for being in the pool with a child while still being somewhat flattering.  It is Kwik Sew 2868.  I made both the top and pants longer than the pattern specified.

The fabric I used is specialist swimwear fabric I found at a local fabric shop.  It is also very thick, with black and orange layers bonded together.  It's super strong!  I set up my overlocker (serger) with four threads and my sewing machine with twin needles for stretch and my walking foot.  It sewed fine.

While I had my machines set up for knits I started making some undies for K and I.  Now I've made us some both before and they were so successful it was a no-brainer to try again.

For K I re-used the 'That Darn Kat' pattern to make these from my stash of cotton lycra.

The blue stripe fabric was from an old top of mine. 

The hens on this green fabric are stamped on with 'Versacraft' ink and het set by my iron - I haven't done this before so will be interested how well the chickens last.

I also made myself some using a pattern I have developed over the last year.  I have tried a variety of cotton/lycra knickers and non have really impressed me - but these are the best! 
The front has a double thickness that could be made with any knit fabric inside.  They are completely made on the overlocker and the sewing is easy - the trickiest bit is pinning on the bands.

I'd love to share this pattern - and maybe trial making some different sizes.  If you are interested in trying some yourself now (in my size only at present) please email me at: '' and I'll get a digital pattern to you.  I am still using a cardboard template so will need to do some work to create even a simple digital pattern.  I make them in a medium(ish) size with my hip measurement at 39" (99cm).

Simple... a little bit creative... but very practical!


  1. Wow, that swimsuit looks like you bought it! I'm impressed. The undies are great too and like other 'indie undies'!

    1. Thanks! I've tried out the swimsuit twice and there has been no embarrassing moments... phew!! K and I wore matching undies the other day - she thought we were just 'too cool'!

  2. Wow! That's so cool that you made your own swimsuit. I would probably ruin my sewing machine trying to sew that stretchy fabric!

    1. Honestly - it was fine. As long as you use the right needles, and a walking foot, it went smoothly. :-)

  3. Good on you - finding flattering and reasonably priced swimsuits and underwear is not easy. So if you can make them yourself you're a champ.


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