Monday, 17 February 2014

More for Me

I've been wanting to make a skirt - so I took the gamble with the Liesl+Co 'Everyday Skirt' recently.  I was not optimistic about how a gathered skirt would look on my body shape so please understand that I have put these photos here for the sake of my craft - not as a form of flattery.

The fabric is a very thin brown 'slubby' cotton that I found in my stash and could have been there for 10+ years.  It was so thin that I needed to line it.  This was not an easy task, considering how the skirt is constructed, but it ignoring a couple of little gaps in the side seams, it works.

The pattern was great to follow and fun to sew.  I did have to follow Liesl's advice and wait until the garment was finished before passing judgement - it did look slightly odd mid-way.

The lining makes it a super comfy skirt to wear and it is nice to have room for movement - especially on hot summer days.  Size wise - I made the medium but used a longer waistband to cover my stomach.  I don't think I'd need to do this next time as the skirt size really depends on the hip width only.

I would, probably, make this again.  It would depend on the fabric, as I'd like a balance between drape and weight.  I'm not going to wear it when 'going to town' but it will do for local trips and days at home.

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