Monday, 13 January 2014

Two Dresses

I had a day sewing dresses for K and have two to share for the effort.  So what do two farm girls do.. but go and into the wheat paddock and take lots of photos..

First up... a simple version of Oliver + S's Ice Cream Dress - minus the pockets and bottom band, but plus piping and a facing hem.
I only had a limited amount of fabric (Lisette's ice creams of course!) so cut the inner yoke, hem facing and piping in white homespun.

I LOVE the colour of this dress and it is really popular with K - just right for summer days of play.  I've made this pattern six times already so know how well it comes together.

And a close up to show some of the detailing.  I like how adding piping means you can use the main fabric throughout the dress and pick a colour to blend just that little bit.

But this is my favourite photo - I am considering making it into a canvas for our wall...?

Then I kept going and made a Oliver + S Popover Sundress using Lisette fabric again.

If you haven't used this pattern before and have a girl aged 2 to 8 years that you sew for - I'd urge you to check it out.  Super simple, great to wear - and it's a free download!  The pattern also includes a dress for a doll.

Again I used white homespun as the contrast - to simplify the process I started by making some bias binding in a scrap of contrasting colour to the main - then make sure I have enough to cut out the wider top binding (not bias).  This means that any binding I have left over can be stored for another project.

The wheat paddock in the background is our only one of that cereal and it is irrigated by a lateral/linear irrigator.  I've checked with my husband and the wheat is 'Einstein'.  Just in case you were interested.  :-)
And another favorite photo to finish...

These are O+S items number 73 and 74 in my great count.


  1. What a cute dress and what lovely photos!

  2. Lovely dresses for a lovely little girl. What a great spot for your photos too. What do you do with the wheat once it's harvested?

  3. I was coming over to ask the variety, thank you!
    Cute dresses.

  4. PS I had some canvas print made of my children in a wheat crop. I used Vista prints and googled a coupon, I saved a packet!

    1. I'll look into that - I don't know how it will go as I cropped the original picture. Thanks for the lovely comments. :-)


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