Friday, 3 January 2014

Floral Dresden

I made this for one of my sisters as a Christmas present...

The centre circle and back fabric is a linen 'style' fabric I found (unlabelled) at Spotlight.  The petals are made using favourite floral fabrics from my collection and  the front background is Kona 'snow'.

The idea came from a pattern in 'Pillow Pop' by Heather Bostic and allowed me to use my dresden ruler by Darlene Zimmerman.

I appliqued the dresden bloom and circle on with a machined button-hole stitch.  I have this on my Bernette 65 and it is one of the few things it gets used for - but is very handy to have!  I went against my original plans and hand quilted the top together with perle cotton.  I am pleased with this and must remind myself to try it again some time.  The well rounded circle was made using a technique I read about in a book by Sarah Fielke - using a cardboard circle and aluminum foil.

K loves posing!
I really like this cushion and hope my sister enjoys it too... I could easily find a space for it here if it is not her style.

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  1. Beautiful work. I am sure your sister will adore it.
    xx N


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