Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Little Square Granny

My H had a meeting last night and K was in bed.  What does one do when they've got some quiet time,  but try a new patchwork design?  Yes - I have many, many other half finished projects to complete but I did feel like something different and new.  :-)

I had seen a number of these blocks on various sites, and found this awesome tutorial by 'Blue Elephant Stitches' on 'Moda Bake Shop' that uses a jelly roll. 

I wanted an extra colour on my granny square so needed to do the maths.  This block is the result of me checking that I'd done the calculations right.  The only thing I need to change is to make the top right and bottom left squares slightly longer - instead of 3" I'll go for 3.5".  This will enable me to cut a block to be 12" square - or more if I used a scant 1/4" seam rather than the slightly over 1/4" seam I was using.

The fabric is this block is 'Bake Sale' by Lori Holt, with Kona snow.  I have a jelly roll of 1930's reproduction fabric that would look lovely made up in this block - and if my maths is still correct I could cut out 24 blocks from it.

I think this block will turn into a mini wall hanging but may have a short-term role as a dolly quilt for my daughter K.

I'm linking up to 'WIP Wednesday' at 'Freshly Pieced' and then I'll do some browsing of other blogs!  :-)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. great block! I am wanting to make some granny square blocks soon. I have got to get my scraps under control.

  2. I tried a granny square not very long ago and they are fun and easy aren't they?:) the 1930's repo would look awesome in this block. I did a scrappy-trip-along with some 1930's last year and love love the way it looks :)

  3. I keep seeing these blocks around too and they are so cute! Great job.

  4. Pretty block Taryn. I made a granny square quilt for my daughter in 2012, finished it in time for her birthday last year. I ended up having to hand quilt it cos it was too big for my machine. Still my favourite quilt to date.

  5. This is beautiful! It would make such a lovely doll quilt, too :)

  6. Looks great. I want to make a granny square pillow at some point.


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