Thursday, 2 January 2014

Lots of Class Picnics

I recently made six Oliver + S Class Picnic Blouses, five for Christmas presents for my nieces and one for K that I blogged about here.

They are a great top pattern and I'm sure the girls will all enjoy them - though I'm not sure I pleased all with the colours!  I used Lisette cottons that I had purchased at Spotlight - super fabric to sew with.  :-)

So the gifted ones are numbers 68 to 72 in my O+S count

Number 68 for a seven year old niece (worn on my K):

Number 69 for a five year old niece:

Number 70 for a four year old niece:

Number 71 for a three year old niece: 

Number 72 for a two year old niece:

I'm hoping that sometime in the next year I can see all six girls together with their class picnic blouses... and maybe we could have a picnic!

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