Saturday, 21 December 2013

Seven Little Chicks

Last Wednesday was very exciting - our second broody hen was due to bring out some babies.   We were hoping for a few more than the first brood, and were delighted to find seven little chicks being fussed over by a dotting mum.

Excuse the quality of these photos - I was concentrating on the chicks rather than my photography skills.

A Black Orpington chick - but it could be a Barred Plymouth Rock?
Three of the chicks appear to be either Black Orpingtons or Barred Plymouth Rocks, while the other four are Partridge Plymouth Rocks, with one being a bantam version.  The mother is a New Hampshire Red.
A Partridge Plymouth Rock chick
Our first chick, the Blue Cochin pullet, is now hanging out with the big girls.  She's still a mum's girl, and like any only child demands a lot of attention!

Trying to keep up!
She still moves too fast to photograph!
We have our Buff Cochin sitting on eggs as well - so in just over two more weeks we'll hopefully have some more chicks to adore.

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  1. How lovely to be able to watch them grow up.

    Have a very Merry Christmas.


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