Tuesday, 10 December 2013

K and her matching owls

I made this Oliver + S Class Picnic Blouse for K recently with fabric I had used before.

Last Christmas I used the same owl fabric with a contrasting yellow to make an Oliver + S Ice Cream dress for a niece.  It was number 31, seen here.

Last summer I also made a shortened version of Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo pants for K using the leftover yellow and owl print.  I love the front pockets in these!  They were number 49 in my O+S count, here.  K really liked the owl print so I managed to track some extra down at Spotlight to make the blouse.

I adore the Class Picnic Blouse pattern and am getting very quick at making it.  K enjoys wearing it - and as a mum I like how it covers most of her neck/shoulder area from the sun.

This is number 67 in my O+S count.  :-)

I reached a plateau in my Christmas sewing by completing my final birthday gift and some festive presents for family in the North Island.  These were posted off yesterday.... along with a tree decoration and some hand-me-downs for the younger niece.

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