Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Little Hat

I caught up with a school friend recently who is expecting her first child.  I wanted a quick and easy gift so chose a knitting pattern I had been keen to use - Just Jussi's 'Aviatrix' baby hat.

It was a fantastic pattern to knit - I used a double knit (8ply) in a possum/wool mix that I had bought at Milton's wool mill shop in April.  It was a 300g hank and I paid only $8 for it!  I made this hat in size 6 months and it took about 35g of wool.

I have been sewing away on my Christmas list and had this gorgeous pile of fabric this afternoon:

I'm not saying which pattern, but an experienced O+S sewer would recognise the layout!  Two in size 4, three in size 5 (one for K) and one in size seven.  Most of the fabric is from the Lisette range at Spotlight that I mentioned here.


  1. Looks as though you will be kept busy - is it wet weather sewing for you?

  2. That class picnic blouse sure has a distinct shape, doesn't it! And the results look great!


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