Sunday, 3 November 2013

Something Old and Something New

I have three sewing machines and an overlocker - all of which work. 

My first machine was a Globe Cub I got pre-loved for my fifteenth birthday.  It was a gem and I sewed many miles on it.  Then when I got into patchwork and realised that any form of quilting was impossible on it (no walking foot, no lowering of feed dogs) I purchased a Bernette 65.  It does a good applique stitch but I can't really think of many other ways to praise it.  A year after that my Nan passed away and I was lucky enough to get her Bernina 930 - an awesome machine!  It's a really solid machine and great for both clothes sewing and quilting.  I think of my Nan every time I use it and I'm sure she's pleased it is so well loved.  I also have a Bernette 004D overlocker (serger) which I am assured is as good as a Bernina.  I'd be lost without it too.

But.. recently I've been wanting a machine for purely decorative purposes so have been browsing our local auction website.  Last week I won a vintage Singer sewing machine for the great price of $1.50 (one dollar fifty - this font is hard to read).  I don't think they made much money out of me as I noticed that it was first listed for $75.  It doesn't have a powercord or a foot pedal but does appear to work by turning the handwheel.  It is in 'good' condition but I'll try to clean it up a bit.  For a first attempt at buying a vintage machine I'm happy.  I've googled it to find that it was made in February 1932 in Clydebank, Scotland.

Dear H asks if I'm going to sell any of my machines - but no - I'll keep the Cub for K and the Bernette is a back up for my Bernina. 

Onto the new - I've been sewing in knits and the only thing I've completely finished and am happy to share are these gorgeous undies for K.

They are from the pattern 'that*darn*kat Children's Undies' that have appeared in numerous blogs.  I like how you can use any knit fabric for the main and match it with a cotton lycra for the bands.  The fabric I used was a small piece of Hilco (I think) interlock that feels really nice.  Next time I'll lower the front slightly but K is very happy with them so I am too!

The fabric reminds me that we've eaten two strawberries from the garden and see many more starting to turn red!  Yum!

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  1. What a find - hope you can get it too work. Those machines always look so nice too.


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