Sunday, 10 November 2013

Oliver + S Items 41 - 60

I've been super busy in the garden... lots to do in spring!

And I have made a good start on Xmas gifts - but of course I can't share most of those until after the big day!

So I thought I'd better finish of my list of Oliver and S sewing.

See previous posts here and here.
  1. Pop-over Sundress in Cape Ann pink dahlias.
  2. Pop-over sundress for 4 year old niece
  3. Pop-over sundress for gift - here
  4. LTTS Bear Carrier in pinks - here
  5. Another LTTS hat in chambray and pink (Cape Ann - remnants of #58)
  6. Sleepover PJs in light pink with broderie anglais trim - here
  7. Sleepover PJ pants in green and blue - here
  8. Badminton skort as skirt in fine red/white stripe
  9. Field trip cargo pants as shorts - yellow
  10. Field Trip raglan in striped merino - here
  11. Field Trip raglan in white knit
  12. Field Trip raglan in cream merino - here
  13. as above - I made two!
  14. Field Trip raglan in blue - here (as above)
  15. Hopscotch top in white - here (as above)
  16. Fairy Tale dress in blue - here
  17. Sunday Brunch skirt in denim
  18. Family Reunion dress in Cape Ann fabric - one of my favourites
  19. Roller Skate dress in pinks
  20. Roller Skate dress with flowers - here
I have also cut out a LTTS apron, another hat and have plans to use one pattern for Xmas presents.  Plus many other plans!

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