Thursday, 21 November 2013

Garden Update

The garden has been keeping me very busy recently - and it is mainly the vegetable side - I have barely done anything to the flower garden apart from water it.  I did plant out some buxus and perennials, plus two pear trees, at the edge of my boxed vegetable garden.  See this post for earlier photos.
The obelisks have either runner beans or sweet peas growing up them.
I am really pleased with how it is looking - I love the 'english' style of gardening.  I need to add more bricks and when possible, continue the edges to meet up with other bricks.  Apart from the large pear tree ('Conference') I grew everything from cutting or seeds.  The smaller pear tree is a Williams' bon chretien and as they are used as rootstock for most pear varieties you can grow them from seed.  The rose in the distance is a cutting from my mother's 'Graham Thomas', but it looks very neglected as it has been in a pot for too long.

Everything is growing fast - including the weeds - and it is the season for planting out those frost sensitive vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes and pumpkin.
From back:  Potatoes ('Rocket'), Peppers (Capsicum - the rest are in my glasshouse), spring onions, and miserable looking carrots and radish.
From back:  Strawberries and lettuce - with the odd potatoes sprouting through.  I'm going to plant cucumbers where the lettuce are.  Young rhubarb are in the background.
From back: Celery, cabbage with lettuce, then broccoli with lettuce - I'm trying to maximise space.

My 'ordinary' garden has tomatoes, carrots, more potatoes, leeks, onions, more rhubarb, asparagus, and the berryfruit.  I now have the paddock garden fully planted with potatoes, peas, yams, heaps of onions, garlic and shallots, pumpkins, corn, some beet (for chickens) and sunflowers (for K).

We're eating heaps of asparagus and strawberries.  I almost filled a 2L container with strawberries yesterday, but that was a catch-up on the previous few days.  Time for jam!
An earlier pick!

Our wee chick is growing fast: but we now think it is a blue cochin rather than an orpington.
Photo taken a week earlier - the chick moves too fast for my camera!

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  1. What a great vege garden. Did you make the obelisks? I am very envious of your strawberry crop - I have never had much luck with mine - now cherry tomatoes that's a whole different story.

    Have a great weekend.


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