Sunday, 17 November 2013

Puppet Theatre for Playcentre

K and I go to a local Playcentre twice a week and it is a great opportunity for her to get involved in all sorts of exciting play.  She loves dressing up and acting out stories and adventures.  One of the goals at our parent-run centre is to get children more into storytelling.  So I volunteered to make a puppet theatre to help facilitate this.

I chose to make the Oliver + S 'Little Things To Sew' Puppet Theatre.  This pattern is from my favourite craft book and was great to follow - and I was even able to add width to my theatre easily (just 4").  I have also used a thicker piece of doweling for the top and drilled holes in each end of it to thread some string - so I didn't need a tension rod.

I have plans to make another one - and will remember next time to use quilting weight fabric (or similar) for the curtains - I used curtain fabric and it is too thick for a child to pull across the rod.  I'll also make the next one a bit fancier and may play with the layout of the windows... plenty to plan for!

This is number 66 in my O+S count!  Whew!

I'm going to join in with the 'Little Things To Sew: Cover to Cover Challenge' run by 'Bartacks and Singletrack' as I have plans to make even more from this wonderful book.

Bartacks and Singletrack : want to go all the way with me?

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  1. Such a lovely gift, good on you!
    Thanks for the Blog shout out and have fun with the book. Remember former projects can be posted to the flickr pool for more entries, it doesn't have to be new sewing.
    The idea of counting off your Oliver + S garments is great, and alarming at the same time!


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