Monday, 3 June 2013

Something Simple

I have decided to get better at free motion quilting.  I have a number of quilts that need completing and know the designs I want to use on them - but at present I am being a bit ambitious considering my skill level.  So out come the books, clips and blog posts - all to teach me better techniques at free motion work.

To practise my work I have created a number of small projects to quilt.  Many are finished, some of which I am happy with the quilting of, others not.  Some need a border or cushion backing - but here is one I made - a simple small table topper.
The fabric is from the original range by Anni Downs and I used 4 1/2 " squares turned into a disappearing nine patch.  The good thing about small projects is that you can play with different blocks as well as different quilting techniques.

I really like the flowers I quilted and I was pleased to see progress in my skills.  The spacing of the flowers just needs to be improved - and I'm marking still it all out with a dissolving blue pen line!

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