Thursday, 13 June 2013

Garlic Yesterday, Shallots Today

I have been busy planting some garlic and shallot bulbs to coincide with our shortest day.

I didn't get a great crop of garlic last year, but still managed to find plenty larger cloves to plant.  I'm not sure how many I planted - but I think it was over 100.  I also planted about 50 shallot bulbs.

I have this fantastic trowel.  I got it at the Ellerslie Flower Show in autumn.  It was sold by The Company Shed.  My mum has one since I was little and I'm hoping I'll keep this for many years too ... it's fantastic.  Very comfortable to hold and the blade is smooth for easier digging.  Highly recommended.

Luckily I also have another 'tool' that is a great help at digging over soil.  It also has a quite a bit more horse power than I'm likely to need - and H never seems to be reluctant to use it.  I'd thrown chicken poo over the area I wanted to plant the garlic etc a month or so ago and the Case IH and incorporator made a quick job of tillage.
I have a 'inside the garden' vege garden (for herbs, tomatoes, salad things, berries, brassica, etc) and an 'in the paddock' garden that grows larger crops like corn, pumpkin, potatoes, alliums and yams.  I wouldn't let the monster below get near my lawns so we also have access to a 'mini' tractor - about 20hp - that is smaller than our ride-on lawnmower.  It can get to the inner garden and rotary hoes it very well.

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