Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cat Cake

Part of my role as an aunt is making birthday cakes for three little nieces that live down the road.  One of them turned two recently so I made them a very simple cake in the shape of a cat.
It is very simple and by no means flash but did look quite impressive.  I made the cake from a plain circle tin as well as a small loaf tin, from which I cut out the ears.  They were glued on with jam.  The eyes are white chocolate buttons, the light brown icing is buttercream flavoured/coloured with just a little cocoa powder.  For the piping I simply mixed in some extra water with the leftover buttercream, as well as more cocoa, then heated it gently in the microwave and then put it into a piping 'thing'.  It hardened quite quickly.  This was a new idea for the lines as I not a big fan of licorice - it's too fiddly and needs to be avoided for some people with medical conditions.  I have an icing knife that is angled and allows for gentle spreading - and I also have to remind myself to dip it in water so it smooths easier.

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