Saturday, 5 October 2013

New Bag

Everyone always need new bags and I have had my eye on this pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.  It was a completely new technique for me and I have learnt a lot about bags from this project.
I should 'label' my fabrics so I can recall what colour and type they are, but I'm quite sure this is Essex Cotton/Linen in 'pewter'.  I only had half a yard and the pattern called for 3/4 yard, but I was able to cut it out of what I had with 1" WOF to spare.  The main print in the patchwork section is 'Velocity' by Jessica Hogarth.  I have picked out colours from it for the surrounds, then repeated a similar layout on the other side.
I used Kona in 'pear' for the lining and it doesn't perfectly match but I had quite a bit of it to use up.  I also used some text message text fabric for the bottom right of the patchwork part, and in the pockets.  The instructions helped me place this directional fabric as best as I could but I would recommend using something that is not so.
The pattern was very thorough - and I would recommend having a good read of it in colour before you print it off in B&W like I did.  I made a few mistakes but I think some of them could have been prevented by the pattern itself.  I cut the canvas backing for the sides a set size and then quilted the project.  When finished I was told to trim it back to the original size of the canvas - unfortunately the project had shrunk slightly because of the intensive quilting - a 'to be expected' event.   So my bag is slightly smaller than the pattern says.  Also my pockets are slightly off centre as the pocket side of the lining needed a large amount of trimming and I didn't centre this part very well.  The pocket sides should be equal distances from the straps and mine aren't.  Overall: a good pattern with new techniques.  The pattern does step you through every part, but if you are a new sewer, start with the tall tote rather than the wide one, that's just the way the pattern is set out.
I lined up my facing and re-folded the inside so that I could sew it down on a previously stitched row.  This makes my bag neater inside and out. 

I took three part afternoons to make this bag - including some unpicking - and would make another one for myself or as a generous gift!

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  1. This is beautiful! I don't know that i need a new bag but I want yours! :)

  2. Looks great Taryn - love your fabric choices too.

  3. Very very cool, I love your fabrics and colours!


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