Saturday, 26 October 2013

KCW - Two in the Green!

I am two days behind in my posting about Kids Clothes Week, but I have been busy sewing (and chook shed chasing) so will catch you up on the progress I have made.  :-)

kid's clothes week

K loves green so has requested more clothes made in that colour...

My second item for KCW is a green Oliver+S Hopscotch skirt made from a leftover piece of linen that had originally produced a shirt for me about 12 years ago.  The fabric was 150cm wide so I was able to get this skirt out of about half a metre.  The linen has a lovely feel but is quite thick so getting the pockets right was very tricky.

I also cheated a bit by just sewing the buttons through both layers rather than making buttonholes - you can do this because of the elastic in the back of the waistband.  I found those buttons in my collection, but I have since purchased better ones which I will add asap.

The next item I made for K is a size 5 green floral Oliver+S Playdate dress.  I spent a lot of time thinking about a contrast for the yoke and I am mostly happy with the green I selected.  I can remove the yoke and replace it with a new one if I change my mind - the pattern design allows that.

Yes - she does have a feather in her hair!
I added white ric-rac where the optional binding was suggested, made the dress about 1" longer and also located perfect buttons to match the fabric!

These photos were taken out in the pet lamb paddock (hence the gumboots - I'm sure that's not the footwear they were designed for!).  K is very confident in front of the camera, but not always willing to pose so that the clothes can be highlighted rather than her expression!

My H refers to K as a pioneering child in this dress but she loves it and I am pleased that it covers her up so well on a sunny day.  We have harsh UV rays here.
Patty the lamb - almost weaned!

So that's two more to add to my O+S count (#63 and #64).

I love green too, and have several items, including a new pair of shoes, in it.  I think I'll make some more too!

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