Monday, 28 October 2013

Field Tripping

My final project during Kids Clothes Week will be this pair of Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo Pants.

I made them in a favourite light weight denim that I have used five times before to make clothes for K, once for a niece and once also to make a skirt for myself.  I bought 8 metres of it (at 150cm wide) from a wholesaler and really wondered at the time - but am very glad I did.  It sews and wears well - the only issue is a tendency to fray while sewing and some slight pulling of stressed seams.

Green was the favourite colour again - this time I used it as a contrast and lined the pocket flap, waist facing and pockets with a blue on green spot.  I also used green thread to topstitch all seams.

I spent a lot of time making these pants and believe they look great - but it was a very labour intensive pattern that I would not rush to complete again.  If I did I would possibly leave off features such as the bellows on the knee pockets and the belt carriers.

I made them in a mix of size 4 and size 5 but they look very big - especially in the width!

Number 65 in the O+S count!

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