Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Patty and the Cake

We had some birthdays over the weekend.  My dear H was forty and this was the cake K and I made for him:

It was a very simple chocolate cake made in two tins - one circular (with hole) and the other in a square tin that got cut into segments for the '4'.  I started icing the whole thing - but should have done just the top for all.  The fences are made with pretzel sticks and the cereal for the hen and tractor is lemon jelly crystals and chocolate hail.  K had great fun placing all the elements - I just had to cover up all her changes!

I knitted him a tubular scarf in a soft brown wool - and he's been wearing it.  No photos though, that would be asking a bit much.  I must post a picture of just it and the very simple pattern I used.

We have another pet lamb - Patty (a boy, but very nice to 'pat').  He's not quite a week old, so much smaller than Daniel and George who are getting very large and rough.  Patty can get out through the gap in the fence so he comes and helps me as I'm weeding the vege garden.  K loves giving him cuddles too!
Yes, that's me.  I'm not hurting him - he's just straining to suck my fingers thinking they have milk!

You'll see a new jersey I've finished in that picture.  It's one I've heavily adapted from another.  I knitted it all in one piece using the contiguous method by Susie Myers.  It's in an alpaca/wool 8ply mix which I only had five balls of.  So it required quite a bit of juggling to get it all out - but I did!  I plan to make another and fine tune my pattern for others... maybe I'll publish it??
 It's a bit hard to show the shoulders from the front - hopefully this back shot will be better.
The sizing will take some working but I really enjoyed knitting it all in one piece.  A cinch to finish off!

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